What we do

Low Enthalpy Solar Buildings

We could also call it the solar house that doesn´t need Sun to work.

This is a new patented concept of building that overcomes the two fundamental technical limitation. First, we provide a new way to manage heat that allows heat storage efficiently. Secondly, we integrate efficient solar heat collection systems in the own structural parts of the building, where:


The Facade

is a high performance solar heat colector integrated on the facade. It works with solar radiation and as heat pump source.


La piscina climatizada

ya no es un lujo inalcanzable, dado que viene de serie al ser el sistema calefacción auxiliar que podemos emplear en los días sin Sol.


The Structure

has become in to a low temperature and high capacity heat storage. This multifuntionality means cost reduction.


Solar Heat Source

This systems provides heat even when there is not direct light from the Sun. It works thanks to a heat pump working between the high performance solar collector and the efficient low temperature heating system, powered by a photovoltaic system.


The floor

is the most effective radiante floor ever made so far, that provides confort using water with less than 23ºC. This radiant floor is also suitable for refrigeration.


Synergetic Integration

Electronics, windows, blinds, ventilation and the other elements of the house have been designed and adapted to improve the overall performance. Team work.

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