sunthalpy solutions
for business

In your workspace, in addition to great ideas and projects, energy consumption is also generated that significantly affects both the environment and the result of the business.

sunthalpy has solutions that will allow you to optimize the energy, heating, cooling, ACS and electricity management in your facilities. We are achieving energy savings in annual energy bills of more than 90%, so we distinguish ourselves from traditional energy solutions.

And, all this, transforming your company into an organization that is 100% respectful of the environment.

Do you need more reasons to join the change?

The sunthalpy solutions for businesses, developed with a revolutionary ecological management approach in the market, will allow you to access the maximum degree of bonus in subsidies for business energy conversion.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Efficient air conditioning in your company is possible.


Low-enthalpy radiant walls and ceilings also for offices, hotels and shops

Welcome to the only energy solution on the market that is perfectly aligned with your company’s objectives: comfort in the workspace, fully customizable style, energy efficiency, cost reduction and respect for the environment. No business should miss such an opportunity.

Sunthalpy’s low-enthalpy radiant wall and ceiling for the professional market, allows to heat (or refrigerate) offices with deficit insulation, efficiently, constantly and uniformly.

In addition, the high-efficiency panel system will avoid the inconvenience to your work teams caused by the excessive heat concentrations of installations with conventional radiators, or by the cold air jets characteristic of air conditioning.

Benefits of sunthaldress for business

All of these are advantages

Now you already have it clear, right?
Your company deserves sunthaldress!