Integral reengineering of the energy management of your home to offer you the best sustainable solutions to save with the best comfort.
We optimize your project, whether it is a new home or a renovation, depending on your needs and budget, managing and integrating all the necessary technologies (integral architecture, thermal, photovoltaic, control, etc.) so that enjoy the best comfort at the best price and in the most sustainable way.

To do this, our engineering department will study your case in detail and will offer you the best solutions so that you can choose the one that best suits you based on criteria of return on investment, comfort, independence and sustainability.

We use our own low enthalpy technology and the best on the market to offer you an integrated solution with an intelligent control system that you can monitor from your mobile.

the energy of freedom

sunthalpy products

we industrialize our patented technology
so that you can live in a totally efficient way or adapt it to your project.
Let's decarbonize the world, together!


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Sustainable freedom

The first step on your path to sustainable freedom begins with a simple gesture. Join the list of the first solar house that works without sun.

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