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sunthalpy will make them come true

sunthalpy zero

your maximum comfort dream home

You can design the house of your dreams with sunthalpy technology, since it adapts to any design, size and environment.

sunthalpy will make your dream come true, securing you comfort forever and without leaving a CO2 footprint.

sunthalpy elysium


Origen model

sunthalpy zero

If you don´t want to worry about the details and would prefer us to take care of everything, you just have to choose a model and the type of comfort you want.

sunthalpy elysium

Samain model

choose between 2 types of efficiency in our Samain model

Samain model

you can charge your electric vehicle at no cost and without emissions

Samain sunthalpy

can you imagine enjoying this heated pool without paying a penny for your electricity bill?

sunthalpy zero

Do you want to live in a sunthalpy home with modern lines? You only have to concern yourself with choosing the type of comfort you want.

sunthalpy elysium

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Sustainable freedom

The first step on your path to sustainable freedom begins with a simple gesture. Join the list of the first solar house that works without sun.

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