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sunthalpy products

we industrialize our patented technology
so that you can live in a totally efficient way or adapt it to your project.
Let's decarbonize the world, together!


the technological home of the future

all your energy requirements: heating, cooling, domestic hot water, electrical appliances, pool heating, electric car …

free of charge for the rest of your life

your future in maximum comfort

feel summer in winter.

  • radiant heating/cooling system,
  • pure air,
  • no allergens,
  • no dust,
  • no humidity.

heated pool all year round

Sunthalpy is
100% self-sufficient

freedom, safety and total sustainability.

your energy for

€ 0


without any


Takes care of you
and the environment

a better future is now in your hands

sunthalpy is the only solar home

architecture and engineering

low enthalpy underfloor heating

It is a solar panel

that absorbs and stores direct radiation, avoiding overheating of the air.

A perfect heat and cold emitter

using water at only 21ºC.

A thermal supercharger

We load the “structural concrete” maintaining comfort.

ceramic thermal panels

high performance PVT hybrid panels (70%)

with the lowest price on the market.

Architectural integration on roof and facade.
Any finish: ceramic, aluminum, photovoltaic, …
Robust, without ny maintenance problems.

choose your type

better together

Our patented technology only could grow together thanks to collaborators, companies and institutions that share the common goal of achieving a world free of CO2 emissions.

Empresa Innovadora de Base Tecnológica
sustainable development goals
Empresa Innovadora de Base Tecnológica
Innovative SME

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