Project – Meres Reform (First Phase)

Chalet with condensing boiler transformed to low enthalpy + photovoltaic.

TypeRenovation of the 2013 villa of 320 m2 useful
OwnerAlberto Diez.
ReformCompleted in February 2023
TechnologyAdapted building with low-enthalpy emitters.
ModalityFirst phase: FV+ low enthalpy emitters working from pre-existing condensation boiler.
Pending phase: inclusion of sunthalpower system.
Energy ExpenditureThe house maintains its condensing boiler, but the low-temperature emitters, with it reduce its primary energy consumption of gas by more than 40%.
Positive electrical balance every month.
ConfortTotal uniformity +/- 0.7 ºC throughout the house.
Low-enthalpy radiant heating.
Passive refreshed in the absence of sunthalpower introduction.
SaludDust minimization.
No humidity.
Sustainability60% reduction in CO2eq emissions. of the house.
Aesthetic IntegrationIt has versions of emitters integrated in plasterboard, wallpaper, stone sheets and integral mirror.
Thermal Emitterssunthaldress integrated into 70 m2 of wall and ceilings.
Thermal Generationsunthalpower pending implementation in 2ª phase.
Thermal AccumulationRadiant activation structure with 1 day accumulation in winter,
Electric GenerationFotovoltaica de 5 KWn