Project – La Fresneda Reform

First class D home in the world transformed into a positive annual balance without reforming its facade.

TypeReform of a 2001 semi-detached house of 165 m2 useful.
OwnerMónica Caires.
ReformCompleted in December 2022.
TechnologyAdapted building with low enthalpy technology.
ModalityPositive housing (produces more than it consumes), satisfying all needs and maintaining temperatures between 21 and 24ºC.
Energy ExpenditureAfter eliminating gas, the house reduces its primary energy consumption by more than 90%.
It goes on to consume in energy almost €4,000 to less than €300 (of fixed electrical power, without considering compensation).
ConfortTotal uniformity +/- 0.5 ºC throughout the house.
Low-enthalpy radiant heating.
Low enthalpy radiant refrigeration with no risk of condensation.
SaludDust minimization.
No humidity.
Energy IndependencePositive annual energy balance.
System ready to be 100% solar/disconnected (8 months a year).
SustainabilityBalance 0 gr of CO2eq. of the house.
Aesthetic IntegrationWhite lacquered emitters.
2 walls covered with personalized decorative paper.
Thermal Emitterssunthaldress integrated into 40 m2 of wall and ceilings.
Thermal Generationsunthalpower ventila los 9 KWt.
Thermal AccumulationRadiant activation structure with 1 day accumulation in winter,
Electric GenerationFotovoltaica de 6 KWn
Electrical AccumulationLithium battery with a capacity of 13 KWh and 8 KWp