Project – 100% solar house

The sunthalpy v2.0

TypeNew house of 110 m2 useful.
OwnerMario Prieto.
ConstructionCompleted in December 2022.
TechnologyLow enthalpy solar building version 2.0.
ModalityConnected housing but 100% solar, satisfying all needs and maintaining temperatures between 21 and 24ºC.
Energy Expenditure0 € in housing energy, cost of electrical connection.
Expense very low pool climate and 2 EVs.
ConfortTotal uniformity +/- 0.2 ºC throughout the house.
Low-enthalpy radiant heating.
Low enthalpy radiant refrigeration with no risk of condensation.
SaludDust minimization.
No humidity.
No outside noise.
Energy Independence100% solar, but connected to pour surplus and EV night charge.
System ready to be in 100% solar/disconnected mode.
SustainabilityAbsolute 0 gr of CO2eq. of the house.
Aesthetic IntegrationEmitters integrated in porcelain-clad floor, realistic imitation wood.
Solar panels not seen on a flat roof.
Classificationsunthalpy Elysium listo
Thermal Emitterssunthaldress integrated into 100% of the floor of the house.
Thermal Generationsunthalpower hybrid with 32 m2 of hybrid solar panel.
Thermal AccumulationLow enthalpy structure with 12 days accumulation in winter.
sunthalpool v2: heated pool without a deck.
Electric GenerationFotovoltaica híbrida de 10 KWn.
Electrical AccumulationLithium battery with a capacity of 13.4 KWh and 8 KWp.
Electric CarGenerates surplus to load more than 15,000. Km of EV.