paneles solares



45.000 € + VAT

even in

7,56 years

Average electricity consumption range*200 – 300 kWh/month
Photovoltaic generation* 5.602 kWh/year
Solar-thermal generation* 2.255-3.755 kWh/month
Monthly savings in energy expenditure*> 450 €/month
Total savings in 20 years* up to 170.734 €
Reduction in CO2 emissions*Up to 90%

Technical data

  • 6 kWp of high-efficiency monocrystalline photovoltaic panels, active liquid cooled.
  • 3-12 kWt solar thermal with variable control heat pump.
  • 26 m2 of low-entalp thermal solar panel, with the best resilience on the market.

Additional benefits

  • Maximum eligible item
  • Maximum tax deduction

* Estimated data in climate similar to Madrid with heating diesel market prices (August 2022)