sunthalpanel: The radiating floor that is installed as easily as a radiator

Discover the Re-Evolution of underfloor heating that turns any building into a reference for efficiency, savings, health, comfort and sustainability.

The sunthalpanel is a decorative and customizable ultra-thin radiator that dresses walls or ceilings, which performs the function of a perfect underfloor heating to provide low-enthalpy heating and cooling, using water with temperatures between 18°C ​​and 30°C.

The advantages of sunthalpanel

The technological supertiority shown by sunthalpanel translates into huge functional benefits:

A small gesture that changes everything

Change your radiator or towel hanger for sunthalpanel and discover how the comfort at your house multiplies.

Uniform temperature in the air and on all surfaces of the room, thanks to the best radiant air conditioning, compatible with any boiler or aerothermal system.

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sunthalpanel, the first radiating modular system

  • The thermographic image shows the superiority of our advanced air conditioning systems compared to traditional solutions (radiators and underfloor heating).
  • The homogeneous distribution of temperature throughout the room makes sunthalpanel an avant-garde benchmark in efficiency and comfort.
XS(1,1 m2) room up till 3,5 m2825€/un
S(1,5 m2) room up to 5 m21.042€/un
XL(3 m2) room up to 12 m21.671€/un

For bigger rooms:

  • Up to 20 m2: 2 x XL
  • Up to 30m2: 3 x XL
  • Up to 40m2: 4 x XL

Medium implementation.

Each case needs a specific study.

*IVA and installation is not included. Prices EXW for Spain.

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