sunthaldress: Efficient and cosy homes

Radiant wall and ceiling for easy installation and immediate savings

An efficient home, respectful of the environment, generator of low energy costs and full of comfort is possible with our high-efficiency panel system, designed to optimize habitability to the maximum without having to give up the style you want for your home.

sunthaldress is the first low-enthalpy radiant wall in the domestic market. Its system allows you to heat and cool poorly insulated homes, using water at only 25ºC.

Benefits of sunthaldress

All of these are advantages

sunthaldress dresses walls and ceilings with aesthetic designs, increasing the market value of your home over the investment it entails.

  • It turns even poorly insulated old buildings into positive ones, reducing their energy consumption by more than 95%.
  • Simple and inexpensive installation. (From €600/room).
  • Better radiant comfort in heating and cooling.
  • Uniform temperature.
  • It is the most sustainable solution, perfect with a heat pump but also compatible with a condensing boiler.
  • For all types of buildings: flats, single-family homes, townhouses or large buildings.
  • Replaces traditional radiators with architecturally integrated surfaces with a full range of finishes: metal, stone, porcelain, paper, vinyl, photo, etc.

sunthaldress turns any poorly insulated building into a benchmark for efficiency, savings and comfort. There is no other similar solution on the market.

Before After

Low enthalpy emitter

Thanks to our pioneering patent, we can guarantee that your home will have more efficient heating and cooling, completely preserving the comfort of the home, and with no impact on the environment. Say goodbye to inefficient radiators and noisy and harmful air conditioners. The time has come for sunthaldress: comfort at home, ecological awareness and savings on bills. You are not yet aware of the positive impact that sunthaldress will have on your life. Dare to find out!

Success stories

Maximum efficiency and savings

pared radiante solar
Thanks to sunthaldress, for the first time, an E-Class building (21 years old) converted into a Net Zero (positive annual balance), maintaining the original facade.
  • Primary Balance: From 218 KWh/m2 to positive.
  • Saving more than 3,000€/year in a 156 m2 townhouse.
  • Heating: From 100 KWh of gas per day in January to only 12 KWh of electricity.

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