The new electricity rates arrive with surprise.

With or without telecommuting, with or without a pandemic, there is something that seems unalterable: electricity rates change again. Today, June 1, 2021, the electricity rates you consume have changed again.

We explain what the changes that come into effect today are and how Sunthalpy can turn them into significant energy savings.

What are the changes?

According to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, this new invoice model will enter into force for consumers with the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (PVPC) which, according to its data, is 10.7 million users.

These modifications are carried out on the basis of a European directive on transparency in the electricity bill. The regulations are planned for six years and the sections can be examined after three years. The users who best adapt their consumption to this new model will be the ones who will see the least changes, since, otherwise, the bill will be increased.

What is going to change?

New schedules for energy sections

There are three time slots available and up to two powers can be hired. The cheapest period is from midnight to 8 in the morning and includes the weekend and national holidays. Most consumers have single- tranche rates. Now everyone is going to go to three.

Users who already had hourly discrimination could pay on average about 6 or 7 euros more per month, since in the new design the cheap sections do not coincide with those that existed until now.

The new 2.0TD rate will be applied to all users since all electricity contracts with less than 15 kW contracted will be unified. Therefore, the 2.0A, 2.0DHA, 2.0AHS rates for the different types of time discrimination disappear; and also the 2.1 rates for users who had between 10 and 15 kW of contracted power.

Sunthalpy gives solutions so as not to live with the changes in rates

Are there ways to adapt to the new rates so as not to pay more for the energy needed? The answer is yes. And Sunthalpy can help you.

Of course, the best way is to bet on efficient buildings and sustainable houses that avoid high energy consumption that is satisfied with traditional energy sources for maintenance. That is, betting on technologies that maximize self-consumption options that allow the user to optimize energy bills (even being able to live disconnected from the electricity grid) and not worry about the ups and downs of an energy market full of regulations and uncertainties.

In that sense, Sunthalpy carries out studies adapted to each project (whether a single-family house or in height; of new construction or rehabilitation) so that the production, accumulation and use of energy is optimal. In addition, we are committed to integrating mobility into the projects that is possible, so that the family’s energy bill is even zero euros for mobility (car) electricity, air conditioning and swimming pool.

Sunthalpy is the technology available on the market that allows you to optimally meet all the energy needs of homes, so that with the new regulation your energy bill is even cheaper. Together with Integra Energía, Sunthalpy offers easy-to-understand, fair and 100% renewable rates.

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