Sunthalpy has created the solar house that works without Sun

In recent months we have not communicated our progress, but there have been many. Today, although we do not yet have all the active systems available, we have tested the core of our technology in the worst circumstances and we already know that we have taken a leap never seen before in technology. We can already say that Sunthalpy (the solar building with low enthalpy) is actually the solar house that works without Sol. Sunthalpy is the beginning of a new way of life where we have all the comfort we can desire, without emitting CO2 and bringing energy bills to zero. We even expect to be able to disconnect completely when all the systems are operational.

We have to thank the collaboration of many companies that are helping us in our project, but on this important day we want to expressly thank Integra Energía and Exiom Solution for their invaluable help.

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