Success in renovating a duplex house: Sunthalpy’s low enthalpy solar solution

Mónica and Fernando’s house is already a success for Sunthaldress: they wanted to reduce their energy waste while maintaining comfort for themselves and their two little kids in their 165 m² semi-detached house built in 2001 in La Fresneda, on the outskirts of Oviedo. They needed a robust heating, cooling, and hot water system suitable for all weather conditions, and one that respected the environment.

Sunthalpy has developed a solution that ensures a cozy home all year round with minimal energy input. The key to this project is the replacement of conventional radiators by 40m2 of sunthaldress, a low enthalpy radiant wall that is complemented by a water-water heat pump with an outdoor fancoil, which replaces the previously installed gas boiler. The 17 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, the photovoltaic inverters and a 13.4 kWh lithium-ion battery cover a large part of the household’s energy needs.

sunthaldress 01

Sunthalpy’s solution offers several advantages. In the first place, it uses environmentally and climate friendly energy. Additionally, it combines a heat pump with photovoltaic energy, a battery, and a grid connection to be secure in any situation, and provides a better thermal sensation with its low-enthalpy radiant wall, eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient air conditioning systems.

After a month of operation in comfort mode, Mónica and Fernando’s family evaluated the system’s maximum performance in savings mode, which allowed for fully solar operation with a slightly lower level of comfort. The system also improved the overall thermal insulation of the home and has a comprehensive energy control system developed by Sunthalpy. The home’s energy devices communicate through a gateway that sends operation data to an AWS cloud database in real-time.

sunthaldress 02

Some data that supports Sunthalpy are related to the energy consumption of this house during the month of January: the temperature ranged from 21ºC to 22.5ºC; the system provides domestic hot water at temperatures above 38ºC, which could ensure proper use covering all the family’s needs. This corresponds to a consumption of 1838.61 kWh, and it has been estimated that if a gas boiler had been used, as was previously installed in this same dwelling, the consumption would have been 4384.42 kWh. Therefore, it can be stated that the savings thanks to Sunthalpy have been 89.8% in non-renewable primary energy use. In economic terms, if it were a bill issued by any energy supplier, the reduction in energy expenditure would represent a saving of over €400 in January alone.

With Sunthalpy’s solution, Mónica and Fernando can now heat and cool their home sustainably, improve comfort, and save money at the same time.

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