Spain seeks the outstanding in the energy efficiency of its buildings

Spain, according to the latest Energy Efficiency report of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), occupies, with 65.5 points out of 100, sixth place in the overall energy efficiency ranking. The first positions are Germany (75.5), France (75.5), Italy (73.5), the United Kingdom (73) and Japan (67).

Where it does occupy number one, it is like the country that makes the most effort to improve the energy efficiency of its properties. An important fact since in Spain 31% of the energy consumption generated comes from buildings, both those intended for public and private use.

The 25 countries analyzed consume 78% of the world’s energy, a figure that is too high that alarms us about the need to take urgent measures. The International Energy Agency (IEA) warns that by 2050 the global demand for energy will possibly increase by more than 50%.

How do you measure energy efficiency in a building?

To measure in terms of energy efficiency, the energy consumed in a year under normal conditions of use is calculated. With the results obtained, a quality certificate is generated. To make it easier to understand, letters are assigned, A is the one that tells us the best rating and G the worst. The measurement is carried out by specialized companies.

Sunthalpy has not only achieved the A, we are the only house built in an Atlantic climate that is 100% solar/disconnected, having overcome without any problem the rainiest month of December of the last 25 years in Asturias

Tips to improve and achieve better energy efficiency in your property

If we aim to achieve good levels of energy efficiency, we cannot ignore several important points: reducing energy losses, generating it efficiently and using it properly.

Reduce energy losses

We must reduce or limit thermal bridges. They are the main causes of energy loss in a building.

Generate energy efficiently

Using renewable energies is the best way to ensure that CO2 emissions are reduced and that the building is being more sustainable. In Madrid, for example, there are still about 200 coal boilers and more than 2,000 diesel boilers.

Sunthalpy is totally disconnected from the use of fossil fuels, so it generates clean, sustainable and CO2-free energy.

Use energy in an efficient way

It is important to rationalize consumption habits, with small changes such as making the correct use of appliances, optimizing lighting points and opting for the most efficient and sustainable supply options.

Any technological change implies social change, so we must bet on technologies that, like Sunthalpy, are already available and that are at the forefront of energy efficiency in buildings.

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