Solar energy will save us all.

The increase in the price of coal, the shortage of oil, greenhouse gas emissions and awareness of climate change have made more and more companies and governments come up with solutions to address these problems.

Companies such as BP Solar, TRUenergy, New Solar Ventures or governments such as Israel or Spain have firmly committed to solar energy.

After a few beginnings with a slow growth, for a few years, there has been a great boom in this type of energy. In Spain, without going any further, it is expected that 37,000 MW installed will be achieved by 2030 (today we are at 5,000 MW). This increase will make it possible to store much more energy, a greater connection with other countries and that this energy is perfectly competitive in the energy market.

Succeeding in costs

This energy is a clean and efficient energy that is capable of providing electricity, hot water and heating, both to an individual home and to a community. One of its main advantages is the low maintenance it requires. With proper maintenance, its useful life is around 35 years.

Its energy source is the Sun, an inexhaustible source, unlike fossil fuels. Although at first large amounts of sunlight were needed, today they have decreased significantly due to the improvement of photovoltaic systems. Almost anywhere in the world we can install the right solar panels.

The price is also another of its attractions, although we now have a price of €51/MWh in Spain, little by little the price will fall successively, much contrary to the current price of electricity, which does not stop rising, achieving the second all-time high in 2021 and which is believed will not be the last.

It should be noted that last year, 81 countries built at least 1 MWh of solar energy. And this represented almost half of all the new power generation capacity built worldwide.

The individuals who have already made the leap

On the other hand, in our country, not only companies but private individuals are betting on this energy source by installing a photovoltaic generator. According to several experts, for a monthly electricity bill of, for example, 60 euros per month could be saved about 400 euros per year. This means that in 25 years it would be about 10,000 euros of savings.

To these figures we must add if our car is electric, the price we will save on gasoline. As for the regulations, it should be noted that the purchase price is fully regulated.

In a world in which climate change is becoming increasingly obvious, in which fossil fuels are scarce and our energy consumption is increasing exponentially, solar energy has established itself as the great savior of the moment.

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