How can you reduce your energy bill and turn your home into a sunthalpy house?

With energy prices skyrocketing and reaching historic highs, many people wonder what they could do to reduce their energy bill and not depend on fossil fuels.

Current technology already allows us to live in houses with very low energy consumption, such as homes with Passive House certificates.

sunthalpy goes even a step further and allows us to live 100% connected to the Sun, and, therefore, disconnected from any energy source of fossil origin; and even from the electricity grid. In other words, we can reduce your energy bills forever.

However, on many occasions, forgetting about electricity and gas bills forever implies a major reform in housing.

So how do you reduce your energy bill?

If you already have an apartment or a home and would like to reduce your energy cost, improving the comfort of your home, Sunthalpy technology can help you achieve it thanks to our products.

1. Improve the isolation of the home

A good thermal insulation of the house is undoubtedly one of the most important points when it comes to avoiding air leaks and heat loss, which will allow you to maintain a stable temperature, thus drastically reducing the energy consumption of your home.

sunthalproject is a detailed study of the conditions of your home that will result in a report with the actions to be carried out to improve the thermal insulation of the house.

You will get an improvement in the thermal insulation of your home of between 30% and 60%.

2. Replace inefficient radiators

Most homes use inefficient radiators and air conditioners to try to maintain a comfort temperature in the home. This usually has an impact on a high bill of electricity and gas, as it needs a great energy consumption to reach that comfort temperature.

If you replace your radiators with sunthaldress “thermal walls” you will get greater insulation and better heat distribution. This will result in greater comfort in your home and a reduction in your bills. You have a comfortable home!

3. Use solar panels

Solar energy, in addition to being clean energy, has reduced its costs significantly in recent years.

Reduce your energy bill with solar honeycombs

The use of solar panels will cover most of the energy needs of your home, which will result in a significant reduction in energy bills.

sunthalpanel is the solution to install solar panels in your home. In addition, thanks to the Next Generation funds (program financed by the European Union) the installation will be cheaper, since a significant part is subsidized.

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4. Install sunthalpower

Can you imagine being able to generate the energy you need in your house, even if it is already built? Well, now it’s possible.

solar generator reduce your energy bill

The industrialization of Sunthapy products has allowed us to compact all our technology, such as solar panels, sunthalpanel, heat pump… resulting in an integral energy system called sunthalpower.

This allows us that Sunthalpy technology can be applied to any independent home, reducing your electricity bill to almost €0.

Despite its novelty, it is already installed and working successfully in a project in Paris.

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