First Anniversary of the Sunthalpy Total Disconnection

The Sunthalpy team has organized an event with our main customers, partners and partners to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Sunthalpy Total Disconnection.

Today we celebrate that, exactly a year ago, we cut the cable that connected the Sunthalpy solar house to the electricity grid.

That cable was much more than a cable. It symbolized, in fact, cutting the umbilical cord that unites humanity with fossil fuels from the beginning of our existence to create today the new 100% sustainable way of life that has set itself as a goal for 2050.

With this, Sunthalpy fulfills its motto. Future life, today!

But this disconnection does not mean living worse. On the contrary, it means living much better but in total balance with the environment. And at zero cost.

In the Sunthalpy solar house, all the energy needs of light, air conditioning, hot water, appliances, air conditioning of an outdoor pool and even more than 12,000 km per year of an electric car have been met, thanks only to sunlight. And they have been satisfied without any problem even in the months of December and January, when the greatest rains of the last 25 years were concentrated in Oviedo – with a couple of days with snow – for 45 consecutive days without Sun.

And at a zero cost!

Today Sunthalpy ceases to be an experiment and becomes a reality. Living exclusively from the light of the clouds is already part of the new normal. Asturians and Spaniards can be proud because we have been the first in the world to reach this milestone. And the best thing is that we know that we can reproduce it practically all over the planet.

Therefore, when we see in the news the problems of Increases in price and energy supply We feel the frustration of being still trapped, as a society, by fossil fuels, since we have the technology to free ourselves from such chains that are stressing our economy and our way of life.

Future generations will remember our generation as the one that was successful or failed to implement sustainable living; and at Sunthalpy we have taken a great step to lead that change worldwide.

However, that is not our greatest contribution. Sunthalpy technology of low enthalpy has turned the utopia of sustainable life into a reality that can be achieved for everyone.

Low enthalpy systems capture up to 10 KW of sensitive heat from the air, rivers and seas, or even from cloud light by investing only 1 KW of primary energy. No other technology offers better performance.

Today, when no one doubts the environmental, economic and safety problem posed by our Dependence on fossil fuels, we are making progress in industrializing our solutions so that they can be implemented in both new and existing buildings, while turning sustainable air conditioning into the future economic engine for Asturias and Spain.

Therefore, we especially want to highlight the Alucoil Group, our industrial partner, with whom we share the hard but exciting task of making our technology scalable for the whole society.

solar house

Finally, we wanted to thank you for your presence here today at:

  • Illustrious Mr. Enrique Fernández, Minister of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion of the Principality of Asturias.
  • Illustrious Mr. Mario Arias, Councilor for Interior Government, Institutional Relations and Citizen Attention of the City of Oviedo and Second Deputy Mayor
  • Belén Martín, CEO of ALUCOIL
  • Eva Pando, director of the Institute of Economic Development of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA),
  • To Cristina Fanjul, director of the European Center for Business and Innovation of the Principality of Asturias (CEEI),
  • To the CDTI for its support with the R&D&I activities that we carry out and that are allowing us to successfully modulate, industrialize and market our technology
  • As well as our clients, workers, partners, partners and the media that you are giving us a voice and strength to continue.

Welcome to the life of the future. Welcome to Sunthalpy!

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