Construction of the first low-entalp land house begins

In October 2018, we started the landscaping of the first low-entalgic solar housing. The estimated execution time is 9 months. We will take this opportunity to explain the peculiarities of this house while we are advancing in its construction. The goal is for this house to become the first to be completely disconnected in an Atlantic climate, simply using the solar radiation that affects its facades, without using any type of combustion, or hydrogen-based accumulation systems. If we succeed, it will be an unprecedented success considering that it is located in Oviedo, which has a rainy climate similar to that of Washington DC in the USA.

Considering the difficulty of the objective set, the first element we defined was its location. The house is located on the southern slope of Mount Naranco. This situation ensures total insolation throughout the year, especially in the months of December and January where climatic circumstances are more complex.

The very hillside of the mountain is taken advantage of, limiting the exposure of the North facade.

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