Sustainable Development Goals

madre con hijo en campo de paneles solares

Them Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations and approved by the 193 member states in 2015, are an initiative that seeks fight against economic inequality, peace, innovation, responsible consumption and climate change with the aim of looking for a new path to improve everyone’s lives. At Sunthalpy, we are proud to directly contribute […]

Our first recognition: Sunthalpy’s patent won the 2019 CEEI Asturias Awards

Sunthalpy Premios CEEI 03

Last Friday, November 22, 2019, we had the honor of being the patent selected as the winner in the CEEI Asturias 2019 Awards held at the Reconquista Hotel in Oviedo. During the event –Attended, among others, by the president of the Principality of Asturias, Mr. Adrián Barbón, who promised to stop by our facilities– numerous […]

Sunthalpy has created the solar house that works without Sun

Casa Solar que funciona sin Sol

In recent months we have not communicated our progress, but there have been many. Today, although we do not yet have all the active systems available, we have tested the core of our technology in the worst circumstances and we already know that we have taken a leap never seen before in technology. We can […]

Construction of the first low-entalp land house begins

181003 Mazizado Drenaje

In October 2018, we started the landscaping of the first low-entalgic solar housing. The estimated execution time is 9 months. We will take this opportunity to explain the peculiarities of this house while we are advancing in its construction. The goal is for this house to become the first to be completely disconnected in an […]