Success in renovating a duplex house: Sunthalpy’s low enthalpy solar solution

Éxito en la reforma de un chalet adosado: la solución solar de baja entalpía de Sunthalpy

Mónica and Fernando’s house is already a success for Sunthaldress: they wanted to reduce their energy waste while maintaining comfort for themselves and their two little kids in their 165 m² semi-detached house built in 2001 in La Fresneda, on the outskirts of Oviedo. They needed a robust heating, cooling, and hot water system suitable […]

What is low enthalpy energy?

sunthalpy energia baja entalpia

The heat pump, key in energy saving: Low enthalpy energy can be used in the form of heat so it is perfect for use in heating and cooling.

First Anniversary of the Sunthalpy Total Disconnection

conectados al sol sunthalpy

The Sunthalpy team has organized an event with our main customers, partners and partners to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Sunthalpy Total Disconnection. Today we celebrate that, exactly a year ago, we cut the cable that connected the Sunthalpy solar house to the electricity grid. That cable was much more than a cable. It […]

Spain seeks the outstanding in the energy efficiency of its buildings

Certificacion energetica de los edificios

Spain, according to the latest Energy Efficiency report of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), occupies, with 65.5 points out of 100, sixth place in the overall energy efficiency ranking. The first positions are Germany (75.5), France (75.5), Italy (73.5), the United Kingdom (73) and Japan (67). Where it does occupy number one, […]

Sustainable Development Goals

madre con hijo en campo de paneles solares

Them Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations and approved by the 193 member states in 2015, are an initiative that seeks fight against economic inequality, peace, innovation, responsible consumption and climate change with the aim of looking for a new path to improve everyone’s lives. At Sunthalpy, we are proud to directly contribute […]

We have obtained funding from the NEOTEC program

Sunthalpy CDTI neotec

Subsidized by the CDTI for the development of buildings without CO2 emissions through energy capture, storage and distribution modules based on a new ceramic concrete of very high thermal efficiency during 2021 and 2022. We are very proud to inform you that we have obtained funding for the prestigious NEOTEC program. This line of aid […]