What is low enthalpy energy?

sunthalpy energia baja entalpia

The heat pump, key in energy saving: Low enthalpy energy can be used in the form of heat so it is perfect for use in heating and cooling.

The new electricity rates arrive with surprise.

ahorro energetico en factura de luz y gas

With or without telecommuting, with or without a pandemic, there is something that seems unalterable: electricity rates change again. Today, June 1, 2021, the electricity rates you consume have changed again. We explain what the changes that come into effect today are and how Sunthalpy can turn them into significant energy savings. What are the […]

Renewable energies, the best source of sustainability for current production models


The European Union has set itself to meet important challenges by 2030: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, increase energy efficiency by 20% and renewable energies reach 27%. The European Union’s energy strategy has as priorities security in supply, sustainability and competitiveness. In this scenario, renewable energies play a basic role and although they are […]

Spain seeks the outstanding in the energy efficiency of its buildings

Certificacion energetica de los edificios

Spain, according to the latest Energy Efficiency report of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), occupies, with 65.5 points out of 100, sixth place in the overall energy efficiency ranking. The first positions are Germany (75.5), France (75.5), Italy (73.5), the United Kingdom (73) and Japan (67). Where it does occupy number one, […]

The efficiency of wood burning as a fuel under discussion

madera ardiendo

It may seem surprising but the third of the fuel used in the world for air conditioning and domestic hot water is wood; even in certain places in Africa it accounts for two-thirds, that is, more than half of the country’s energy supply. With such a high number of users, it is important to ask […]

Solar energy will save us all.

paneles solares

The increase in the price of coal, the shortage of oil, greenhouse gas emissions and awareness of climate change have made more and more companies and governments come up with solutions to address these problems. Companies such as BP Solar, TRUenergy, New Solar Ventures or governments such as Israel or Spain have firmly committed to […]

Sunthalpy has created the solar house that works without Sun

Casa Solar que funciona sin Sol

In recent months we have not communicated our progress, but there have been many. Today, although we do not yet have all the active systems available, we have tested the core of our technology in the worst circumstances and we already know that we have taken a leap never seen before in technology. We can […]