Reforestation, the most sustainable construction in the world

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The importance of forest conservation At present, we are constantly surrounded by news that tells us about global warming, since we have to experience extreme weather phenomena. In addition, governments are developing environmental policies to try to curb the impact of human activity on global warming. The dimension of that impact is reflected in the […]

The acceleration of climate change is caused by human activity. Strong IPCC report

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The IPCC has just released its latest report where it concludes that human activity is primarily responsible for accelerating climate change, since it is greenhouse gas emissions (which are mainly released when they burn fossil fuels to generate energy) the main causes of it. But let’s go in parts. What is the IPCC? The Intergovernmental […]

The efficiency of wood burning as a fuel under discussion

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It may seem surprising but the third of the fuel used in the world for air conditioning and domestic hot water is wood; even in certain places in Africa it accounts for two-thirds, that is, more than half of the country’s energy supply. With such a high number of users, it is important to ask […]