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Sunthalpy it is a modern world better than the current one, but in total balance with the environment. It started as a child’s dream, and today Sunthalpy is already a reality.

Sunthalpy already exists in Asturias, but it can also be your home. A small engineering company created the necessary technology for a new house to capture all the energy a family needs with the simple light that shines on its façade. It is the technological home of the future. The off-grid solar house that works even when the Sun is behind a dense layer of clouds, as it usually is in Asturias.

Save from today, changing to the sunthalpy energy rates 100% renewable, and everything we earn will be dedicated to turning your home into a Sunthalpy.

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Enjoy a real zero emissions house 365 days a year. Greater comfort at a lower cost.
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Who is Integra Energy

Integra Energía is a different energy marketer, characterized by the promotion of sports in all areas and care for the environment.

Integra is the marketer that will ensure that you never run out of supply or solve any possible breakdown or problem.

“Destinan todos sus beneficios a investigar cómo conseguir un mundo libre de emisiones de CO2, además de ofrecer unas tarifas muy competitivas.”

Enrique Pinto