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Sunthalpy represents a tool so that even the most avant-garde, disruptive and innovative projects are environmentally sustainable, with the best comfort on the market and practically free to maintain over time.

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Elena Bravo

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+D10 arquitectos
When I met Omar, I was especially struck by the passion with which he explained his idea.

He was not just another guy with a new idea and the desire to market it to obtain a monetary profit, not at all … I think that in that first conversation there was no reference to what seems to move the world.

Personally, I was intrigued by the way to present a new product whose inventor conveyed with the same passion with which a child talks about his Christmas gifts. At that first moment, I could only understand the general and main idea, a house for and for the future, I have to say that, after the first five minutes of exposure, my mind disconnected, because the technical jargon escaped my knowledge and interests general; but those five minutes were enough to get here.

It is truly exciting to see how a passion trumps general or personal interests. And I think that sharing the fierce struggle for the materialization of an idea was what finally made me want to be part of this adventure.

And so, step by step, we began to learn to speak a common language together.

Sunthalpy Samain

The idea of Sunthalpy Samain underlies the main ability to combine design and technology. It should be noted that the promoters and end users of this project, facilitated everything from the beginning; committed to Sunthalpy’s parent idea and true to the principles that the brand upholds.

We conceive a house with sober lines and without superfluous, ornamental designs or those lacking any apparent real meaning. A piece that is articulated in two segments with differentiated use and volumetry, returning to the original idea of architecture, where it must be at the service of the real and not of the mundane and frivolous as unfortunately seems to be a trend in the future of the last years.

Sunthalpy provided us with the tools and instruments that allowed us to optimize the design of the house, making it a truly efficient house. Its technology allowed us to go beyond the patterns that mark the norms of passive buildings, since it does not restrict at all the organic idea that all design confers and that must be preserved and intuited even in the final result, since it is the «leitmotiv» that Every project must be followed and maintained to preserve its distinctive character.

Through thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, we automate the home, making it self-managed and providing it with comfort elements that could be considered luxury, such as the heated swimming pool, but which are not in disagreement with energy saving patterns and which are the extra that this technology gives us.

In addition to this, it assures us of quality standards and energy recognition that give the property an extra value above the qualities that the mere design of which we are directors could achieve.

After this first experience, we continue to learn, I think from each other. We understand Sunthalpy as a tool that helps our profession, but not only us as a collective, but also shows a social conscience and a real concern about the human legacy and the ecological footprint that should not be earned by our professional or personal presence on the planet.

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Amaya Salinas

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Amaya Salinas Architect

Architect specialized in passive and bioclimatic architecture according to the Passivhaus standard.

She was degreed at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Valladolid and at the Fachhochschule in Potsdam / Germany.
After working in Berlin, in 2004 she began his professional career in Asturias collaborating in various architecture studios in the region, combining it with his own projects.

In 2012, she founded his own architecture studio and specializes in the Passivhaus standard, with projects focused on almost zero energy consumption and respectful of the environment.

Her projects has been recognized with the following awards:

  • Finalist III Concurso Iberoamericano Passivhaus
  • Accésit XXIII Premios de Arquitectura de Asturias
  • Accésit VI Premios de Construcción Sostenible de Castilla y León

PH Sunthalpy

It is a single-family home located in Oviedo, at the foot of Naranco mountain, with spectacular views of the city and an unbeatable south orientation.
Conceptually, the house is made up of two differentiated elements: a compact volume with straight lines that is rotated to obtain optimal solar capture throughout the day and in which the habitable uses of the house are located and a lightly shaped roof. curve, which surrounds the volume of the house, under which the covered outdoor spaces are located: porch, access, terrace, swimming pool and garage and which also serves as a support structure for the solar collection panels.

At the program level, the unevenness of the plot with a steep slope, conditions the distribution of the house, thus, the ground floor, where the day area is located, is half-buried with direct access to the garden, while on the First floor, at the access level is the night area.

The house is projected according to the premises of passive houses that guarantee the obtaining of a building with almost zero energy consumption: continuous insulation, airtightness, absence of thermal bridges, high-performance carpentry and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, and Its energy performance is modeled using the PHPP tool of the Passivhaus Institut.

The low heating and cooling demand of the building is covered by solar energy, which enables a positive energy balance of the building and its disconnection from the electricity grid.

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