Who are we?

In October 2020, sunthalpy created the first building 100% solar/disconnected from the electricity grid, in any region of the world with an Atlantic climate thanks to its low enthalpy solar technology. After almost three years of intense development, we have compacted that technology and today we are already turning poorly insulated old buildings into positive ones, reducing their energy costs by more than 90%, while radically improving their comfort.

We are able to face the challenge of energy efficiency in buildings and business facilities of any type and size.

Since its launch, we have not stopped reaping successes in the business sphere, such as the one achieved recently, with the conversion of a 21-year-old Class E building into a Net Zero (positive annual balance), without the need to modify the original facade, among others.

With sunthalpower and sunthaldress, the most advanced technology on the market, you will cover the energy and air conditioning needs of your organization with unparalleled levels of optimization.

sunthalpy origen nocturno


From sunthalpy we wish the best for yours, so our main objectives are:

  1. Avoiding climate change.
  2. Eliminate the pollution that affects our health.
  3. Help create a new environmental and socially sustainable economy without leaving a trace of CO2. ->

To do this, we industrialize our patented technology so that you can live fully efficiently or adapt it to your project without using fossil fuels.

What does it mean?

sunthalpy is an abbreviation of the English sun and enthalpy. Enthalpy, enthalpy in Spanish, we can say in a simplified way that it is a form of energy. For us, sunthalpy is the realization of a utopian world in which we can enjoy technological development to the fullest but in total harmony with the environment, so that our environmental impact is zero. Satisfy all our energy needs using the sun as the only resource, the origin of all clean energies.






sunthalpy engineering is born, the construction of the only house in an Atlantic climate completely disconnected from any energy source begins.


The sunthalpy house disconnects from the electricity grid.


sunthalpower launch.


Launch of the sunthaldress.

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sunthalpy team

Every great project, organization or company has behind it the effort and work of a large team.

fotovoltaica solar

Raul del Coso

Innovation manager

Carlos Omar Suárez

Carlos Omar Suárez

CEO & founder

Baudilio Alonso

Baudilio Alonso

Commercial manager

Barbara Menéndez Sunthalpy

Bárbara Menendez

Production Engineer

Enrique Pinto Sunthalpy

Enrique Pinto

Communication manager

Mohcine Hadi el Atik Sunthalpy

Mohcine Hadi el Atik

Construction manager

Maria Jose Baamonde Sunthalpy

María José Baamonde

Customer Service

Belen Garzon Sucar Sunthalpy

Belén Garzón

Engineering Manager

Ana Fernández Sunthalpy

Ana Fernández

Administration Manager