We build your home, free of fuel combustion, but with all confort you ever imagine.

Low Enthalpy Solar Building

If you want to live all you can, but obtaining all your energy from Sun, it is possible.

We are building the first 100% solar house, with a confort you have never seen so far, that will mean in essence a new way of living. Every thing without any economical and environmental cost.

100% Solar Building

We create a new way of living in harmony with the environment, with Solar systems integrated on the facades of the building. Efficiency, freedom and architectural beauty.

Confort and Services

  • Without cold surfaces.
  • Without wall heating radiators..
  • 100% pured air, no dust.
  • Without outer noises.
  • Smart home.

Without Energy Bills

We offer an opportunity to convert the money we spend in energy in to an investment in life quality, health, environmental and economical sustainability.

Social-Economic Value

  • Actual zero emissions.
  • Worthy investment.
  • Sustainable Industry.
  • Local employment generation.

Climatized Pool

Our solar low enthalpy patented technology converts a climatized swimmingpool in to the most efficient heat storage ever made. Swimmingpool and heat storage at the same time.

Electric Vehicle

All the excess of building photovoltaic production will be transfered to your electric vehicle. This will mean an 80% reduction in the mobility bill.

What do we do?

Low Enthalpy Solar Building

It is a new patented concept of  building that overcomes the technical barriers in heat storage and architectural integration of solar collection systems.

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